Welcome to The Face Zone

There are so many artistic mediums and so many ideas to express through them that I’ve never been able to limit myself to just one. Alongside, and sometimes in conjunction with the piano, I draw, write, and perform the combined result in a solo stage show of spoken word with projected art and intermittent music called The Face Zone: Surreal Daydreams to Trip Your Imagination…



Each of us sees through a different lens. The same artwork can be a masterpiece or mud depending on the museumgoer. A referee’s call is often disputed by the other team. Where seventeenth-century military engineers envisioned coiled metal as a way to dislodge bullets, vintners saw a corkscrew―such disparate applications, war and winemaking!

Eight billion points of view and growing.

The Face Zone is my point of view: a creative space where I reflect on inner and outer worlds, a place where I imagine, draw, and write about it. The resulting pieces could be flashes from fantastical narratives for which you must construct the plot. They could be metaphors. Could be puzzles. Jokes. Commentaries. Commands. Questions. Visions. What connects them is that they all begin with some kind of captioned “face” to prompt reaction and thought.

As much as the material is a window into my worldview, it’s also a mirror reflecting yours, as your particular combination of experiences, values, and beliefs influences the meaning that you take away. Though some of our associations may overlap, they don’t have to. The point is to set mind in motion. Toward what and to what end is for you to decide, but enjoy the sights along the way: surreal daydreams to trip your imagination…




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